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ResMed Swift™ FX Nano For Her -Small

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Swift FX Nano is the new easy breathing compact mask your patients have been waiting for! It comes with a soft, low-profile nasal cushion and minimal headgear that really opens up the face. It’s time for your patients to slip into something more comfortable.

Benefits for you ... Builds on the strength of Swift FX Nano that delivers compact size, facial freedom, reliability and comfort that the Swift name is famous for with the breathing ease of a nasal cushion. Set up once and they’re set It fits quickly and requires minimal or often no adjustment once fitted, saving time, money and additional patient visits. Simple to use and reassemble after cleaning Swift FX Nano has fewer main parts than most other nasal masks (just three: headgear, cushion and tube) and it is simple to use. Maintains a comfortable seal Its smooth 360° rotating ball-joint helps maintain seal effectively and provides comfort with adaptive flexibility. Designed for easy user acceptance Swift FX Nano is light and compact with minimal headgear helping encourage patients to accept and continue therapy.