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RemZzz Full Face CPAP Mask Liners -6C-AVK-CAN

RemZzz Full Face CPAP Mask Liners -6C-AVK-CAN

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Compatible with

Resmed F20 Mask, AirFit F10, Mirage Quattro, Quattro Air, Ultra Mirage

Philips Amara, ComfortGel, Comfort Full2, Full Life

Fisher Paykel Simplus 

 30 Mask Liners per package 

As you may know, CPAP therapy hasn’t always been therapeutic for some people. Fortunately, that was before RemZzzs™. You can contemplate it like this: RemZzzs™ will assist you and your mask to become allies. This is probably because the RemZzzz patent-pending design acting as a block between the skin of your face and the silicone of your mask’s cushion, effectively eliminating all of the most common complications associated with wearing a CPAP mask. And it’s very comfortable!


  • Significantly reduce or eliminate air leaks.
  • Virtually eliminate irritating noises of escaping air.
  • Prevention of skin irritations, spots and ugly pressure marks.
  • Aid in absorbing facial moisture and oils.
  • Assist with securely holding your mask in the correct, most comfortable position.
  • Allowing for the use of facial skincare products at bedtime.
  • Ensures a relaxed, full night of sleep for you and your partner.
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