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RemZzz Nasal Mask Liner -RZ-K11NM/E

RemZzz Nasal Mask Liner -RZ-K11NM/E

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Compatible with: Resmed Activa/Activa LT-(M) Resmed AirFit N10-(Wide), Resmed AirFit N20-(L) Resmed Mirage FX-(Standard, Wide, For Her) Resmed Mirage Micro-(M) SOftGel-(M) Resmed Ultra Mirage II Standard-(M) Resmed Swift FX Nano-(Wide) Fisher Paykel Eson-(M) Fisher Paykel Zest-(Standard) Fisher Paykel Flexifit 405-(M/L) Fisher Paykel Flexifit 407 Standard-(M)

30 Mask Liners per Package

As you may know, CPAP therapy hasn’t always been therapeutic for some people. Fortunately, that was before RemZzzs™. You can contemplate it like this: RemZzzs™ will assist you and your mask to become allies. This is probably because the RemZzzz patent-pending design acting as a block between the skin of your face and the silicone of your mask’s cushion, effectively eliminating all of the most common complications associated with wearing a CPAP mask. And it’s very comfortable!


  • Significantly reduce or eliminate air leaks.
  • Virtually eliminate irritating noises of escaping air.
  • Prevention of skin irritations, spots and ugly pressure marks.
  • Aid in absorbing facial moisture and oils.
  • Assist with securely holding your mask in the correct, most comfortable position.
  • Allowing for the use of facial skincare products at bedtime.
  • Ensures a relaxed, full night of sleep for you and your partner.


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