4 obstacles to replacing your CPAP mask parts

4 obstacles to replacing your CPAP mask parts

One key to getting the most from your sleep apnea therapy is regularly replacing your CPAP mask and other supplies on schedule. Fresh supplies can help keep therapy comfortable and effective, with 7 out of 10 people stating that they get a better night’s sleep after they replace their CPAP supplies.1

However, we understand this is sometimes easier said than done. Sometimes other barriers to replacing your CPAP mask can come into play, so to better understand those barriers, we asked 100 CPAP users who wait a year or more why they don’t order more often.2 Here are their top four responses:

1. Cost

35% of those surveyed said the primary reason they don’t replace their CPAP supplies more often is because it’s too expensive – either because their insurance doesn’t cover replacement that frequently or their co-pay or deductible is too high. Cost can be a barrier for many, however, untreated sleep apnea can increase the risk for other serious health conditions including hypertension3 and heart failure,4 which can lead to even greater costs in the long run.

2. They don’t see the need

27% of those surveyed believe that their supplies last longer than the recommended replacement schedule. The truth is everyone’s supplies, usage and environment are different, so the lifespan of your CPAP supplies will vary somewhat. That said, even ideally maintained supplies sustain wear-and-tear with use. Oil and particles from your face may not always be noticeable but can wear down your CPAP mask. Filters that are designed to protect you from dust and allergens can become clogged. This compromises the comfort and seal of your mask as well as the effectiveness of your therapy. We suggest trying a more frequent replacement schedule and see if you notice a difference over time in how long you sleep and how refreshed you feel the next day.

3. Laziness

We appreciate the honesty from the 10% of those surveyed who said they are just too lazy to deal with their CPAP mask replacement. The good news is ResMed offers a resupply program with an intuitive online portal that makes it easier than ever to replace your CPAP supplies. With just a few clicks, you can request your CPAP supplies directly from your medical equipment provider.

4. Not remembering

For 8% of our survey respondents, a barrier to replacing CPAP equipment was not remembering to do so. If this prevents you from replacing your CPAP parts, we’ve got you covered, too. ResMed ReSupply does the remembering for you with automated outreach tailored to you. You can choose to receive a call, text message or email to let you know when you’re eligible to request new supplies.

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