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ResMed and Philips has established the Canadian Internet Advertising and Sales Policy (the “Internet Policy”) to describe attributes of those customers it may authorize to advertise and sell products on the Internet (“Internet Providers”). ResMed and Philips requires that its products be advertised and sold over the Internet only by Internet Providers and only if consistent with the new MIRP (Minimum Internet Retail Price) Internet Policy. 

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"I would find myself waking up with the hose wrapped around my neck almost every morning. Now with this new hose on the top of the head, it never happens. Also I love the nasal pillow as it just sits under my nostrils and I don't find myself have sore nostrils in the morning anymore. The service with this company is SUPERB!!! I recommend you and these products to all that I can."

Theresa Blacquiere

"After a year of limping along with my old machine, my new one arrives, as advertised, shiny and new. It is complete, quiet, and amazing. No defects, cracks, or cosmetic issues. Perfect! Very happy with this purchase!"

Dr. Franzenhower

I was really surprised & happy with the free delivery. It was only a matter of a few days to receive my package that travelled across Canada. The machine was very well packaged when I opened my box.  I definitely recommend this company for any cpap equipment that you may need to order

Louise Duck

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