I have sleep apnea. Now what?

I Have Sleep Apnea. Now What?

This 16 page comprehensive e-book will inform and educate the user on CPAP therapy, mask selection and equipment maintenance. It has a section dedicated to user problems and solutions to assist in achieving optimal therapy. To get the most benefit from your PAP therapy, your equipment should be replaced when necessary based on wear and tear. For example, your mask may need to be replaced if you notice it is cracked or the seal is leaking. If your tubing is torn, it needs to be replaced.

PAP therapy will relieve the airway obstruction that occurs while you sleep. PAP treatment can dramatically improve the life of someone diagnosed with sleep apnea.When you wear the system every night during sleep and optimum therapy is achieved, you may experience the following benefits of treatment: • Increased energy level and attentiveness during the day • Fewer morning headaches • Reduced irritability • Improved memory • Less waking during the night to go to the bathroom • Increased ability to exercise • Increased effectiveness at home or at work • Improved overall quality of life.

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