What type of CPAP do you need

There are many types of CPAP devices.

Fixed pressure CPAP device

This type of CPAP machine is set with a fixed pressure based on the pressure level the patient requires to prevent apneas and hypopneas based on a titration to effectively treat sleep apnea.

Automatic CPAP device

This type of device is set at a range of pressures that will increase or decrease the pressure as needed throughout the night to treat obstructive sleep apnea.

Bi-level positive airway pressure device (also called BPAP)

The bi-level device works just like the fixed and automatic CPAP devices, except that it delivers pressure at two levels: one for inhaling and another for exhaling. The pressure when exhaling is lower in order to make it easier to breathe.

It is mostly used by people who need a higher positive pressure, providing them more comfort and tolerance of the treatment.

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