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Fisher Paykel Airvo™ 2 nasal high flow system

Fisher Paykel Airvo™ 2 nasal high flow system

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The AIRVO 2 is a humidifier that includes a flow generator to provide high-flow, heated, and humidified respiratory gases to patients who are breathing independently. This can be done through various patient interfaces.

The AIRVO 2 is for the treatment of spontaneously breathing patients who would benefit from receiving high-flow warmed and humidified respiratory gasses. This includes patients who have had upper airways bypassed. The flow may be from 2-60L/min depending on the patient interface. 

HC360 chamber and heated breathing tube.

Optiflow high-flow therapy has been proven to be an effective therapy for:

  • acute hypoxemia respiratory failure
  • post-extubation respiratory support
  • post-operative respiratory support
  • immunocompromised patients with acute hypoxemia
  • patients with COPD.

A compact system with a built-in flow generator means there’s no need for a noisy, heavy air compressor to transport the Airvo 2. Add a suitable UPS, and you’re ready to go.

1. Controlled oxygen
Add and titrate oxygen separately from the flow rate.
From .21 (room air) to 1.0.
Onscreen FiO2 display.
2. 93% less condensate*
AirSpiral™ heated breathing tube with integrated dual-spiral heated wires and temperature sensor.
No separate temperature probes or adapters are required.


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