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Philips Dreamstation 2 Value Pack

Philips Dreamstation 2 Value Pack

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Introducing the DreamStation 2 Water Chamber with lid and Heated Tubing Performance Bundle. This high-performance kit includes two essential components for your DreamStation 2 CPAP machine - the advanced water chamber and heated tubing. Designed to work together seamlessly, this bundle delivers exceptional comfort and optimum performance during your sleep therapy.

The DreamStation 2 Water Chamber is engineered to provide long-lasting humidification for a comfortable sleep experience. Made from high-quality materials, it features an easy-to-fill design with a removable lid and a wide opening. The clear design allows you to monitor the water level, ensuring optimal humidification throughout the night. With the increased capacity of 325ml, this water chamber provides enough moisture throughout the night, reducing dryness and discomfort.

The DreamStation 2 Heated Tubing delivers optimal humidification by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the night. The heated tube prevents condensation from forming inside the tubing, eliminating the chance of water buildup in the mask or therapy machine. It also regulates the temperature of the air delivered to you, ensuring that you breathe warm and moist air all night long.

Together, the DreamStation 2 Water Chamber and Heated Tubing Performance Bundle delivers a comfortable and refreshing sleep therapy experience. They work silently and efficiently, providing you with the best possible sleep therapy results. As well as being easy to clean, these products are also durable, designed to last long and
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