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ResMed AirSense 11 Autoset

ResMed AirSense 11 Autoset

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The ResMed AirSense 11 Autoset automatically adapts to your respiratory needs to optimize your sleep. Enjoy comfortable air pressure throughout the night with the latest technology in sleep apnea care. Sleep soundly knowing this CPAP machine will adjust to any weight or position changes you experience. Wake up refreshed and recharged.

Special Features

  • Personal Therapy Assistant is a new feature for patients who want to troubleshoot common issues with their CPAP device. It also offers a guided setup for CPAP supplies such as your mask, hose, and filters.
  • Care Check-in offers personalized coaching based on your patient's settings. Receive tips on tricks on how to achieve the best therapy while taking full advantage of all the unique features highlighted in the AirSense 11.
  • HumidAir integrated heated humidifier is built into the CPAP device. You can use the ClimateLine Air heated hose tube or a standard SlimLine lightweight hose tube.
  • AutoRamp technology starts your therapy pressure at a low setting and increases therapy pressure once sleep onset is detected. This is a great feature for new CPAP users to adjust to pressure as they wake up throughout the night the device will drop the pressure to allow the user to get back to sleep faster without the feeling of an overwhelming high-pressure setting and without the need to manually hit the ramp button again.
  • Tubing Options While this unit comes with a heated CPAP hose, you can use the standard SlimLine non-heated tube separately. The heated line tubing is great for people that are sensitive to dryness from the use of CPAP and it promotes humidity throughout the entire hose. The integrated heated humidifier is a standard feature. To get the most out of your humidifier, use the slim ClimateLine, built specifically for the AirSense 11.
  • Advanced Event Detection can tell the difference between obstructive sleep apnea events or central apnea events (central sleep apnea is treated with Bi-level therapy or ASV therapy and is most often not treated with standard CPAP pressure).
  • SmartStart allows you to simply put the mask on and start breathing which will initiate the device to turn on automatically and begin therapy. Please note this setting is not activated when we ship your device unless you specify otherwise.

Included In This Package

  • (1) ResMed AirSense 11 AutoSet with built-in heated humidifier
  • (1) Standard Water Chamber
  • (1) ClimateLine Air Heated Tubing
  • (1) Power Supply
  • (1)Travel Carry Bag
  • (1) Pollen Filter
  • 3-year warranty
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