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ResMed P30i Nasal Pillow System

ResMed P30i Nasal Pillow System

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The ResMed P30i mask system is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and comfortable sleep apnea mask. This system is designed with a unique AirPillow seal that inflates to provide a gentle and secure seal, while also allowing you to move freely during sleep. The P30i also features a lightweight frame and headgear that is easy to adjust, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. With its superior design and features, the ResMed P30i mask system is an ideal choice for those seeking an effective and comfortable sleep apnea solution.

- Powerful ResMed P30i Mask System is a great choice for CPAP therapy!
- It features a lightweight, comfortable design with a soft silicone cushion.
- The P30i also has a unique dual-wall cushion that provides an effective seal and reduces noise.
- The mask system is easy to use and adjust, and it comes with a quick-release elbow for easy disconnection.
- The P30i is an excellent choice for CPAP users who want a reliable and comfortable mask system.


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