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FISHER & PAYKEL - Evora Full face mask - Single pack

FISHER & PAYKEL - Evora Full face mask - Single pack

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A key to successful therapy is achieving a good seal.

By pairing a soft silicone seal and stable frame, the unique design of F&P Evora™ Full keeps the mask comfortably in place, allowing you to move and sleep freely without compromise.

Experience full performance and minimal contact with Evora Full.


  • Minimal design - The minimal design of the under-the-nose seal allows clear line of sight.


  • Comfortable seal - Soft, thin silicone sits comfortably under your nose, while the structured frame provides stability.


  • Breathable headgear - VentiCool™ fabric allows heat and moisture to escape for a comfortable night’s sleep.


  • Sleep quietly - Designed to minimize noise for a good night’s sleep.

Sizes Available: Extra small, Small-Medium and Large


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